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In the United States, erectile dysfunction affects more than 18 million men over the age of 20. If ED is impacting your quality of life, a penile implant might be your solution. Our team is renowned for their skills in fitting patients with penile implants and has helped many men overcome erectile dysfunction at Greater Hartford Urology Group in Hartford, Enfield, and Glastonbury, Connecticut. To learn more about how a penile implant can improve your sexual health, schedule a visit with us today by calling the offices at Greater Hartford Urology Group or booking an appointment online.

Penile Implants Q & A

What is a penile implant?

A penile implant is a device that your doctor surgically inserts into your penis to help you achieve and maintain an erection. It’s more complex and invasive than other treatments for ED, but highly effective. Your doctor will likely suggest trying more conservative methods, like medications or a vacuum constriction device (penis pump), before recommending a penile implant.

What are the different types of penile implants?

Greater Hartford Urology Group offers two types of penile implants: an inflatable penile implant and a malleable penile implant.

Inflatable penile implant

An inflatable penile implant is composed of inflatable cylinders, a fluid-filled reservoir, a pump, and a release valve. Your doctor embeds the inflatable cylinders in the shaft of your penis, the fluid-filled reservoir under your abdominal wall, and the pump and release valve in your scrotum.

When you want to achieve an erection, you squeeze the pump in your scrotum, which moves the fluid from the reservoir into the cylinders in your penis, making them rigid and simulating an erection. When you want to release the erection, you simply activate the release valve, and the fluid goes back into the reservoir.

Malleable penile implant

A malleable penile implant consists of semi-rigid rods that your doctor surgically implants in your penis. The rods are always firm, but bendable. When you want to have an erection, you lift up your penis and position it into a straight or erect position. When you don’t want to have an erection, you position your penis downward or upward toward your body, so that it rests against your skin and is better concealed.

What are the benefits of a penile implant?

There are several benefits to using a penile implant to treat your erectile dysfunction, like:

  • Allows for more sexual spontaneity 
  • Offers erections that appear full and natural
  • Device can’t be seen once the surgery is complete
  • Covered by most insurance plans

Additionally, a penile implant won’t detract from the cosmetic appearance of your penis. The only visible scar that the surgery leaves you with is a faint line on the suprapubic area where your doctor makes the incision.

To learn more about how a penile implant can improve your quality of life, schedule an appointment with us today by calling Greater Hartford Urology Group or using the online booking tool.