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If you're having difficulty emptying your bladder, know that this is a common problem experienced by men over 40. However, it's crucial to understand the root cause of your symptoms and improve your bladder health. The team at Greater Hartford Urology Groups located in Hartford, Enfield, or Glastonbury, Connecticut offers the revolutionary UroCuff diagnostic device, which helps men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), bladder outlet obstruction, or low bladder contractility better understand their symptoms. For expert diagnosis, schedule your visit with the greater Hartford Urology Group by calling the office or booking online.

UroCuff Q & A

What is the UroCuff test?

The UroCuff test allows Greater Hartford Urology Group to gain insight into issues that are affecting your bladder function. This test is a non-invasive diagnostic option for men who struggle with lower urinary tract symptoms. A diagnostic exam with the UroCuff device collects data about your bladder function while you urinate.

Ensuring the health of your bladder and its surrounding structures is crucial for men who live with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), bladder outlet obstruction, low bladder contractility, or other related conditions.

The bladder's ability to pump urine out of the body is linked to urinary symptoms like frequency, nocturia, hesitancy, weak stream, and dribbling.

How does the UroCuff test work?

The UroCuff test measures the amount of urine that you void and your urine flow rate. The diagnostic exam follows a few key steps:

  • Begin by fitting a pneumatic cuff to your penis
  • Void urine into the flow meter
  • The cuff inflates and interrupts urine flow
  • The cuff deflates rapidly, letting urine flow continue
  • The cycle repeats several times until your bladder is empty

Greater Hartford Urology Group can then assess your bladder function by analyzing the interruption pressure and urine flow rate. The test is also quick and can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

When should I have a UroCuff test?

The team at Greater Hartford Urology Group recommends a UroCuff test if you have symptoms or a diagnosis of BPH, bladder outlet obstruction, or low bladder contractility. You and your provider need to pay attention to your bladder function if you have any lower urinary tract symptoms.

Symptoms of LUTS include frequent urination, urgency, peeing in the nighttime, weak stream pressure, delayed start to urination, dribbling, or incomplete voiding.

How do I prepare for the UroCuff test?

Arrive at Greater Hartford Urology Group with a somewhat full bladder. You should feel something the need to go, but not too intensely. It would help if you drank several glasses of water one hour before your appointment.

To assess your bladder function with the skilled team at Greater Hartford Urology Group, call the office or book online today.