Causes of Overactive Bladder and Ways to Prevent It

Overactive bladder treatment Causes of Overactive Bladder and Ways to Prevent It

Overactive bladder also abbreviated as OAB is a frustrating condition in which an individual has frequent urges to urinate. This can be unsettling to your daily routine and leave you lacking confidence in your body. Always having to run to the bathroom during events, waking up multiple times at night to go to the bathroom, and the potential for urine leakage can all happen due to OAB. Below we’ll discuss some causes and prevention methods so that you can give your body the best chance at avoiding the need for overactive bladder treatment.

Taking Care of Your Body

Some initial factors that can contribute to overactive bladder include lifestyle choices like consuming alcohol or smoking. Both of these hobbies can wear your body down over time and make it perform at a less-than-ideal level. Alcohol especially as it is directly affecting the liver which goes hand in hand with OAB if the liver is not performing well. Furthermore, having a balanced diet and drinking water can provide less strain on your bladder .

Being Informed About Your Medications

More often than you would expect certain medications can lead to complications with the bladder. It can take a lot for your body to process certain doses, and typically with any medication, you are advised to drink water frequently. It is important to discuss any changes in your bathroom habits or frequencies if you notice symptoms after taking medications. Other options are often available that may be better suited to your body.

Looking at Your Overall Health

Overactive bladder is an especially tough condition to deal with because of various other conditions playing into it. For instance, old age can make a trip to the bathroom far more complicated than it should be. Your brain’s functions slowing down may lead to the signal for the need to go to the bathroom not being received fast enough. Or if your mobility has been reduced, it can be hard to make it to the bathroom on time. A combination of both these factors can be detrimental to your usual bathroom routine.

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