Men’s Health: Know These UTI Symptoms

UTI men’s health Taking care of your body is the best way to look and feel your best from the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep and throughout your good night’s rest. Unfortunately, as with everyone’s health, men’s health is full of surprises, many of which you may not be too happy about. One all-too-common problem men run into is a UTI—or a urinary tract infection—and the UTI symptoms that follow typically aren’t the most pleasant.

The most common UTI symptoms include:

A Burning Sensation When Urinating

The most common and well-known UTI symptom to affect men’s health is a burning sensation when attempting to urinate. This occurs because UTIs routinely inflame and irritate your bladder and urethra, the source of the burning feeling as the urine passes.

This inflammation and irritation can also produce bleeding that appears in the stream as the urine passes. This UTI symptom, however, is far less common and typically only occurs in more severe cases. Of course, if you do notice blood while urinating, it’s essential to get to a medical professional as soon as possible.

A Chronic Urge to Urinate

Along with the uncomfortable burning sensations described above, you’ll also experience a frequent and long-lasting urge to urinate, regardless of whether your body needs to or not. As you can imagine, this UTI symptom can further provoke and agitate your bladder, producing more burning and increasing the likelihood of bleeding as your body will be attempting to pass what isn’t actually there.

A Low-Grade Fever

Finally, you may also experience the symptoms of a low-grade fever if you are dealing with the above UTI symptoms. This occurs when the urinary tract infection makes its way to your kidneys and infects them. As your kidneys fight back against the infection, you’ll experience the tell-tale fever symptoms, such as chills, sweats, and back pains.

Effective UTI Treatment From Greater Hartford Urology Group

As you can see, the UTI symptoms that impact men’s health are not very pleasant to experience, and they can be exacerbated without receiving proper treatment. If any of the symptoms above accurately describe what you’re going through, reach out to Greater Hartford Urology Group for assistance at 860-522-2251. With convenient locations in Enfield, Hartford, and Glastonbury, CT, relief from your UTI symptoms is just a call away.

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