Men Are More Likely To Get Kidney Cancer: Here’s What You Can Do

kidney cancer Kidney cancer is among some of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the world, with estimates expected to reach nearly 100,000 new cases for 2023 in the United States alone. Kidney cancer doesn’t seem to affect men and women equally. In fact, men are nearly twice as likely compared to women to develop this form of cancer.

By learning why that is, you may be able to help lower your risk of developing kidney cancer.

Why Men Are at a Greater Risk

One study, which was published in the journal, Cancers, sought to figure out what factors influence a greater incidence of kidney cancer in men when compared to women. Researchers know that genetics can play a factor in the development of certain cancers, but family history does not explain the rates of kidney cancer in men.

Rather, the study found that the increased number of men with kidney cancer can be attributed to male-specific increased risk factors, such as hypertension and obesity, as well as lifestyle factors, such as smoking and occupational hazards.

Ways To Lower the Risk of Kidney Cancer

Since family history seems to play a part in the risk of developing kidney cancer, one thing you can do to help protect yourself is to know your family history. Knowing your family history can help you get an early screening.

As hypertension and obesity can also influence your chance of developing kidney cancer, addressing them may help lower your risk. A regimen of diet and exercise that promotes proper heart health may be able to help.

Lifestyle factors that lead to an increased chance of developing kidney cancer, such as smoking, can be reduced. Smoking can have a variety of harmful effects on the body. Smoking can further increase your risk if you have a family history of kidney cancer or kidney disease.

Work With Greater Hartford Urology Group for Kidney Cancer Treatment

If you have a history of kidney cancer present in your family, reach out to Greater Hartford Urology Group, with locations in Enfield, Hartford, and Glastonbury, CT, exceptional medical care is near. With multiple ways to diagnose, such as ultrasounds and biopsies, as well as many ways to treat, from surgeries to cryoablations, you can rest assured you receive the best care possible.

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